We distribute products that are loved by visitors and the resident market, alike.


Be Coconut

Soft Drinks
A nutrient rich and natural way to rehydrate, Be Coconut Water is 100% pure, with no added sugar and never from concentrate. Available in 4 refreshing flavors: Pure, Pomegranate, Aloe Vera, Pure, and Mango.

Buddha Zen Vodka

Buddha Zen Vodka is hand-crafted in Japan for the distillation of the root of the lotus flower, and a sacred purity process.

The unique sweetness and depth of the flavor of the lotus root gives an elegant, mellow roundness to this vodka, and mixes harmoniously 
with Asian Fusion inspired ingredients like green tea, sake and yuzu citrus.

You can check out the Buddha Zen vodka at

Crystal Head Vodka

This award winning, quadruple-distilled vodka is filtered seven times and made from only the purest elements; containing no additives, glycol, citrus oils, or sugar. It's unique casing was inspired by the legend of the 13 Crystal Skulls.

Glico Pocky

Sweet Snacks
Pocky is a chocolate covered biscuit stick that offers the perfect balance of creamy chocolate and a crunch of biscuit. It is a perfect snack to share with anyone, anytime.
Now available in 7 flavors. Chocolate, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Green Tea, Chocolate Banana, Double Chocolate and Mango.



"One Land. One Sea. One Beer."

The Island King Imports is the proud distributor of Guam's very own GUAM1 Beer!

Capturing Guam's culture and Hafa Adai spirit in a can (and now in a bottle!), GUAM1's design is loosely based on the Guam flag and other ageless symbols of Guam-- palm trees, the beach and sunset, waves, and cave drawings from Gadao Cave.  

GUAM1 is also available in custom made 6-pack gift boxes, and our hand-made latte stone glasses are one of a kind!  

You can check out the legend of GUAM1 by visiting


GUAM1 is now available in 5 different flavors: Lager, Mango Beer, Apple Ale, Ginger Ale and Banana Beer.



GUAM1 Mermaid Gin is 100% natural, 100% delicious, 100% distilled and bottled on Guam. 
GUAM1 Gin's base is a blend of 8 botanicals and Guam-grown calamansi peel. We mix them together, grind them by hand 
and this brings out their individual aromas for distillation. 

Blue Mermaid Gin secret ingredient is a flower from East Asia; the Butterfly pea.
Red Mermaid Gin is infused with Guam's beautiful red hibiscusflower petals.

You can check out our GUAM1 Gin page by visiting

Mamee Monster

Savory Snacks
"Crunch it, Shake it, Munch it!" Mamee Monster Snacks have been popular among both kids and adults for more than three decades. These tasty, crunchy noodle snacks are available in both Chicken and Barbeque flavors.

MARS Chocolate

Sweet Snacks
We are here for your sweet tooth! M&Ms, Snickers, Dove, Milky Way, 3Musketeers and more! Your daily indulgence...

Mister Potato Chips

Savory Snacks

Mister Potato Chips are crunchy, delicious potatoes with a variety of unique flavors that are available in two different sizes.

Mini (45g): Original, Barbeque, Sour Cream & Onion, Hot & Spicy, Tomato

Big (160g): Original, Barbeque, Sour Cream & Onion, Cheese, Mayo & Ketchup, Hot & Spicy,


Nut Walker

Savory Snacks
With a goal to produce healthy and unique products for consumers, the Nut Walker brand provides the most extensive, high-quality line of snack nuts and seeds available. From assorted flavored cashews, almonds, peanuts, and various other mixed nuts, to wasabi peas, dry roasted sun flower seeds, and mixed nut and fruit cookies, Nut Walker is sure to satisfy your hunger with a healthy snack your mouth and body will thank us for.

Pumpkin Face Rum

Filled with the finest ultra premium Dominican rum, Pumpkin Face Rum is available in 3 delicious flavors: Pumpkin Face White, Pumpkin Face Reserve, and Pumpkin Face 23.

Snyder's of Hanover

Savory Snacks

Made only from wholesome ingredients, Snyder's pretzels are oven-baked to seal in all the flavor.

This American favorite is made available to you in 3 different sizes and a variety of flavors.

2oz: Honey Mustard & Onion, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno, Salt & Pepper

4.4oz: Honey Mustard & Onion, Cheddar Cheese, Jalapeno, Hot Buffalo Wing

12oz: Honey Mustard & Onion, Cheddar Cheese, Buttermilk Ranch, Hot Buffalo Wing, Jalapeno, Salt & Pepper

Also available are Original Mini Pretzels, Peanut Butter Pretzel and Cheddar Cheese Pretzel Sandwhiches.



Soft Drinks
Sunfresh juices are 100% freshly squeezed with no added sugar to allow customers to enjoy juice as nature intended.


Savory Snacks
The Sunkist line offers delicious, healthy premium quality pistachios in a variety of mouthwatering flavors. Natural, unbleaached, with no oil or preservatives, these in-shell pistachios are the perfect tasty, nutritious snack.

Tengu Brand Pork Jerky

Savory Snacks
The One and Only Tengu Brand is back - delectable pieces of pork jerky, marinated in a Kikkoman soy sauce base. The only thing better than Tengu is Tengu & GUAM1 beer together!

THE ISLAND KING Sparkling Fruit Wines

These tropical wines bring you a fruitful and sparkling delight! This exclusive wine is available in 3 delectable flavors: Mango, Coconut, and Pineapple.